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Incline offers something everyone needs, but very few know how to attain –

the ability to rank in online search results.

Thanks for your interest in Incline, the missing piece that everyone needs. In this new digital economy, showing up organically in online searches is becoming more important every day.

Fortunately, you’ve found the world’s first video based digital optimization platform, which is solving that problem for progressive businesses everywhere.

You’ll quickly realize that Incline is a simple process that packs a huge benefit for anyone’s online presence; and the time has come to harness that awesome power for yourself.

Incline is a new paradigm, video based digital optimization platform.

Incline is a new paradigm, video based digital optimization platform. Would you like that in English? Okay, how about this:

it makes people get found in online searches. Our goal is not only to have our clients show up in the top 5 results on a Google (or other search engine) search, but multiple top results, pushing the competition off the front page.


Clicks on Organic Results

percentage of clicks that happen on organic results vs. pay-per-click ads


It’s been said that you can bury a dead body on page 2 of a Google search, because nobody ever looks there! So that’s why every business, blogger, website, YouTube channel, etc. needs Incline. Nobody builds an online presence with the intent of never being seen!


Now, continue on to the next module, where we define and explain our Platform.